Customers want an easy way to suggest features at the time the idea occurs to them. That is, while using your product and finding that something they want is missing.

How to get user feature requests

General tips

There are three important things to remember when seeking feedback:

  • Asking once is not enough. You need to frequently remind customers that you are open to suggestions for improvements. This will increase the likelihood of catching a customer at the time they want to give feedback.
  • Asking via one channel is not enough. Different people consume content in different ways. Using a number of channels means you’ll capture the attention of more customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to give feedback at the time it comes to their mind. Customers shouldn’t have to search for ways to offer feedback.

It is important that customers find these links when ideas occur to them.

  • On a mobile app, add a Send your suggestions link immediately above your Contact Support link.
  • On desktop apps, add a Suggest an Improvement link to your Help menu.
  • On your website’s support page, include a link to your suggestions page.

Our experience is that customers find these links and use them.

Ask your users directly

Ask for feature requests via your existing promotion channels:

  • Post a request for suggestions on your social media channels, such as Facebook, and Twitter. Create a post announcing your suggestions page and repost it regularly.
  • In your email newsletter, inform your customers that you’ve got an easy way for them to suggest and upvote improvements to your product. Consider using this text in the footer of each email you send customers: “Got suggestions for making [your product] better? Let us know!”
  • Send an automated email at the end of the trial period. This email should inform would-be customers that you want feedback. Here is some text we’ve used with success: “If [your product] hasn’t met your expectations over the last 30 days, here is your chance to tell us why. We’d love to hear your feedback so that we can continue improving [your product].”

Redirect suggestions from other support channels

You probably already receive suggestions from your customers through different support channels, such as social media, email, and your help desk.

We recommend responding to these with a canned response. Here’s a snippet we’ve used with success; you can use this text directly.

Thanks for the suggestion. You should add this suggestion to [your suggestions page]. This allows other users the chance to comment on it and vote it up.

We suggest using Feature Upvote as your suggestions page. When you send your customers to your Feature Upvote suggestions page, they discover that you are actively engaging with customer suggestions. They may find that their suggestion has already been added, so they can upvote it. They’ll also notice that other customers’ suggestions have been marked as ‘done’, which impacts positively on the customer.

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