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3 Challenges You’ll Face Leading a Remote Product Team (And How to Succeed in Spite of Them!)

Over the past year, workforces everywhere have largely gone remote. Today, it is looking as if this may become the norm, at least for the near future. There are certainly benefits to this. Remote workers enjoy the flexibility and lack of commute. Remote team leaders are more empowered than ever to recruit talent on a global scale. That said, some clear challenges have arisen.

By Linda Ferguson

Product Management Tips

5 communities to help product managers

We love reading newsletters and blogs, but there's nothing quite like belonging to a community to make you feel better about yourself and your job! There's other people out there, like you, who can help you and who you, in turn, can help right back.

Product Management Tips

Does your SaaS really need new features?

The pressure to release new features for your software product can be considerable, particularly considering you're probably deploying changes to your site daily, if not hourly. However, in this article we look at what you might do instead, with better results for your company.