Screenshot showing Zapier invite!

With the power of our Zapier integration, you can connect Feature Upvote to 1,000+ other apps, including Asana, Aha!, productboard, Zendesk and Discord.

Some practical uses of Zapier

  • Create a new Trello card when you receive a new Feature Upvote suggestion
  • Add a suggestion to apps such as Asana, Aha! and productboard when a suggestion’s status is set to ‘planned’
  • Update your Feature Upvote suggestion to ‘done’ when a corresponding task in your issue tracking software is completed

When we offer Zapier triggers

  • When a new suggestion is created
  • When a new comment is created
  • When a suggestion is changed.

The action ‘update suggestion’ also allows you to change a suggestion’s title, description and status.

Get started with our Zapier integration

If you have a Zapier account this will only take a minute or so. If you don’t, then creating a Zapier account is quick and easy (and really worth it!)