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Export your suggestions as an Excel file

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Feature Upvote has long had the ability to export your suggestions, comments, and votes as CSV files.

A common usage for these CSV files was to get them into Excel to do some extra analysis.

The problem is, Excel is kind of clumsy at handling CSV files. Unless you opened the file in just a certain type of way, it can mangle your data. For example, letters with accents, umlauts, and other diacritical marks get messed up. Excel can trip up on CSV files with line breaks embedded in text fields.

We had tips in our docs on how best to get the CSV files into Excel, but it was more painful than it needed to be.

So we’ve added a direct export to Excel.

On your dashboard’s “Export” settings, you now have the choice of exporting to CSV or to Excel.

The Excel export conveniently uses sheets. One sheet contains the suggestions, another the comments, and a third the votes.

CSV is still the best choice if you want to get the data into most applications, including Google Sheets or Apple’s Numbers. Or, alas, if you want to move your data into another system.

Learn how to export your data.