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You can now filter suggestions by tags

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Original feature request for filter by tags

You told us that you wanted the ability to be able to filter by tags. So we got to work.

This feature request didn’t attract as many votes as some other requests, but at 14 votes it was clearly popular and aligned well with our vision for the product: that it should be simple to use.

Filtering by tags

If you have created at least one tag for your feedback board, your contributors will now see an option to see ‘All tags’. The dropdown then shows you all the tags used so far on that board. We only tag #integrations on our own board, although you can be much more granular.

How to filter by tags

You then choose a tag (in this case #integrations) to see all other suggestions with that tag.

How to filter by tags

A quick note about translations

We’ve translated the relevant microcopy into IT, ES, DE, NL, and PT. Please submit a translation for your language if it’s not on this list and you’re in a hurry. Here’s more information about helping with translations. Thank you.

Have another feature request?

Add your new suggestion or upvote an existing request on our own feedback board. Your feedback directly informs our product development.