Original feature request for making suggestions and comments approved by default

You told us that you wanted the ability to turn off moderation of suggestions and comments when you trusted contributors.

We mainly had this request from customers with private boards (see above suggestion). However, some customers with public boards also wanted this option.

After careful thought, we decided to make it possible for all our customers to turn off moderation of suggestions and comments, whether your board is private (through a password or Single Sign-On) or public.

Who can turn off suggestion and comment moderation?

Anyone with admin rights can turn off moderation.

However, turning off moderation on public boards could result in spam. We advise you to keep your board private if you don’t want to moderate suggestions and comments.

How do you turn off moderation of suggestions and comments?

From your dashboard, you’ll see a ‘Moderation’ option in the top menu. Select this and you’ll be give the option of turning off moderation for suggestions, comments or both.

Moderation option on dashboard

Here’s our help article on how to make new suggestions and comments approved by default.

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