Underdog Coders and Feature Upvote

Using community feedback to improve mobile games.

Underdog Coders is the indie company behind LOL Champion Manager, a freemium fantasy game available on Android and iOS.

LOL Championship Manager

The team at Underdog Coders have many years of experience in the videogames industry. They know that one of the most important things with mobile games is how you handle feedback from your users. They need a tool which makes it easy to collect and measure every user suggestion. Feature Upvote is the ideal solution.

Rubén, Game Designer at Underdog Coders, says,

As we are an indie company we don’t have enough team members to collect and manage feedback from different channels: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Help Desk.
In the past we’ve experienced that not having a tool such as Feature Upvote means that we can’t measure (or even worse, we lose) user suggestions.
Without Feature Upvote suggestions become non-priority Jira issues that get no attention. Or they become an additional line in an infinite spreadsheet without any details or priority.

Underdog Coders added a link to their Feature Upvote product page directly within their app. The link is strategically placed immediately above their support channel.

LOL Championship Manager - Settings page

We’ve found that placing our feedback link above our support link turns into less tickets in our help desk. We have reduced (almost to zero) suggestion tickets in our help desk. This is better for our customers and, of course, for us.

Underdog Coders find that keeping a public list of suggestions informs their users they are being listened to.

The thing we most like about Feature Upvote is that our users know in real time if their suggestions have been read and, best of all, if their suggestions will be implemented or not in the game.

Feature Upvote works equally well on desktop, mobile, and tablet. This has been a great benefit to Underdog Coders, whose users are all on mobile.

Letting users read and comment on other users' suggestions results in detailed and discussed suggestions which means less work for us.

Rubén from Underdog Coders