If you have multiple products on Feature Upvote, you may want to enable your company portal. This is a page that publicly lists all your suggestion boards.

Enabling your company portal

By default, your company portal is disabled. To enable it, in your Dashboard, go to the Portal screen and check the “Enable company portal” checkbox.

This will reveal a set of options. The only option that is required is setting the Company Portal URL. This can be any valid subdomain name that is not already in use by another Feature Upvote product or company portal.

You have a few more options that let you change the basic appearance of your company portal.

Viewing the company portal

Once enabled, your company portal can be viewed by anyone on the Internet with the URL.

By default, the company portal is a simple list of products:

You can enhance the company portal by adding some custom text, changing the colour scheme, adding a heading, and adding your logo.