We offer some simple ways to change your suggestion board’s appearance. In most cases, this is sufficient to match your product’s branding. But if you want to have finer control over site appearance, you can use your own CSS styles. This allows you to override any aspect of appearance, including fonts, colours, and sizes.

You’ll need a capable web designer or developer to help with this.

To add your own CSS to your suggestion board:

  1. go to your Feature Upvote dashboard
  2. find the product to which you wish to add custom CSS, and click on “Configure”
  3. scroll down to the “Custom CSS” field
  4. paste your custom CSS.
  5. Click Save
Until July 2018, we required you to host the custom CSS as a stylesheet file on your own server. We've now changed this. Your CSS is now stored as text directly in Feature Upvote. If you were using the old approach, we've manually moved your custom CSS from your own stylesheet file into our new "Custom CSS" field.