Customising your feedback board

Customising appearance and branding


You can make your Feature Upvote feedback board match your product’s branding with a few simple settings.

You’ll probably want to change the appearance and branding of your site because:

  • People can be confused when they are redirected to third-party sites, so customising the appearance of your page should make the process more seamless for customers
  • Customers that have a seamless user experience are more likely to feel confident about your brand and leave you feedback
  • Specific copy may resonate better with your customers and team
  • You want to use your feedback board in a specific way, for example, as a private board for voting on team suggestions during an important conference call

Make sure your logo has a height of 40px (recommended). It can be square or rectangular.

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Board settings

Select ‘Top bar logo’.

Add file.

How to add your favicon

A favicon is the icon that shows in browser tabs and bookmarks. Adding the favicon used on your product’s main website helps create the impression that your Feature Upvote feedback board is part of your main website.

We recommend adding your favicon.

If you don’t add a favicon, the default Feature Upvote favicon will show instead.

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Select ‘Favicon’.

Add file.

How to change the top bar colours

You can change the colour of the top bar (also known as the “navigation bar”). It is best to set the exact colours from your product’s website using HTML ’HEX’ values such as ‘#FF0000’ for red.

If you are not familiar with HTML HEX values for colours ask your designer or developer to tell you what ‘hex’ colours you are using.

If that’s not possible, we’ve added a visual colour chooser so you can find a closely matching colour.

You can change the background colour of the top bar, as well as the foreground colour (usually your board name).

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Go to ‘Top bar background’.

Add your specific brand colour (in hex).

Or use our widget to find a colour that you want.

Repeat with top bar foreground.

How to change the page title

The page title (or ‘header bar title’ or ‘navbar title’) appears on every public page.

If you leave it blank, we’ll use our default text (based on your language settings).

To change the page title:

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Go to page title and add your new copy.

HTML tags are not allowed in the page title.

How to change the suggestion list title

The suggestion list title appears on the ‘All suggestions’ page, at the top of the list.

To change the suggestion list title:

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Go to suggestion list title and add your new copy.

You can use up to 400 characters. HTML tags are not allowed in the page title.

How to add custom explanation text

You can add any guidelines you want your customers to see before adding a suggestion.

Too much information can cause your customers to become overwhelmed and leave without submitting feedback though.

You can leave this section blank.

To add custom explanation text:

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Go to custom explanation text and add your new copy.

You can use the following HTML tags: hyperlinks, bold, italics, and line breaks.

We recommend you can add a copyright message and a link to your main product website.

To add page footer text:

Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.

Go to page footer text and add your new copy.

You can include HTML hyperlinks, but no other HTML.

How to turn off ‘Powered by Feature Upvote’ in the page footer

We show a discreet ‘powered by Feature Upvote’ message in the page footer.

We do this because we mainly grow by word of mouth because people see our product and like it. We’re a small team and don’t have millions of other people’s money to spend on marketing!

However, you can turn this message off, should you choose.

  1. Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.
  2. Uncheck the box labelled “Show ‘Powered by Feature Upvote’ in footer”.

How to enable Google Analytics tracking

You might be interested to know which suggestions on your board get visited the most. You might also want to know how visitors find your suggestions, and where they are geographically located.

Google Analytics supplies you with this information and much more. We think it makes sense to let you track this information using your own Google Analytics account.

To enable Google Analytics tracking:

  1. Select ‘Board settings’ from your dashboard.
  2. In the field ‘Google Analytics tracking ID’ enter your tracking ID.

If you don’t know your Google Analytics tracking ID, you can find it in your Google Analytics admin settings. This Google support article will help.

This is an optional setting. If you do enable it, we use Google Analytics’ “anonymize IP” setting to ensure we meet our GDPR commitments.

How to change everything

You can tweak any aspect of your feedback board’s appearance with the help of a custom stylesheet.

You will need coding skills. We don’t suggest experimenting unless you are clear about what you need to do.

See the link below for more information on adding custom CSS.

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