Using your feedback board as a moderator

Exporting suggestions


You can export your board’s suggestions, comments, and votes in CSV format, suitable for use with Excel and other applications. You might want to do this because:

  • You want to analyse your data
  • You want to move all data into another system

How to export suggestions

Select the ‘Board settings’ option from the dashboard for the board whose data you want to export.

Board settings

Select ‘Export’.


Choose from the three options – or choose all of them.


Each button starts a file download.

The files include suggestion IDs, comment IDs, and upvote IDs as appropriate. These can be used to connect the comments and upvotes to suggestions.

Tips for loading a CSV export into Excel

Suggestion descriptions may have multiple paragraphs, and this can lead to difficulties getting the data into Excel. How you can best do this depends on your computer’s operating system, the language your computer is running in, and your version of Excel.

Here are some tips to help smooth the process:

On Mac
Double-click on the CSV file, and it should be loaded into Excel with the correct formatting.

On Windows
Opening the CSV file directly into Excel on Windows may result in some formatting issues.

  1. Open the CSV file using Notepad or a similar text editor
  2. Select all the text and copy it into your computer’s clipboard. Use Ctrl+C or, from Notepad’s ‘Edit’ menu, select ‘Copy’
  3. Switch to Excel, and use Edit > Paste

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