Purchasing via a reseller


Currently, we don’t offer Feature Upvote subscriptions via a reseller.

We understand that this is the preferred option for some of our customers. In the future, we intend to add a premium or enterprise level subscription that would allow purchases via a reseller. However, this isn’t part of our product roadmap at the moment.

If this is a show-stopper issue for you, please upvote this request on our own Feature Upvote board. This allows us to understand the level of interest in purchasing via a reseller. If we see a spike in interest, we’ll consider expediting this feature.

Why do we have this policy?

In terms of product positioning, we’re happy to offer a cost-competitive product that compares favourably to our main competitors. However, this positioning is based on payment being a simple case of our customers entering credit card details into an online subscription form. Ongoing renewals then happen automatically.

When we experimented with working via a reseller, we found that our straight-forward payment process became much more complicated. The extra effort of three-way communication and manual processes simply doesn’t fit with our competitive pricing model.

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