What is Feature Upvote?

Feature Upvote is a simple way for you to collect customer feature requests in one place, from the start. No need to waste time organising feedback from different channels. Or letting it get lost in spreadsheets and unmanageable forums.

Simply get customers to organise and upvote feature requests using our customer feedback board. Get clarity about what customers need. Create new features that are a hit rather than a time-consuming miss.

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Who uses Feature Upvote?

Product teams that are tired of being overwhelmed with customer feedback.

If you want to manage and track customer feedback without spending a fortune then we’re your people. Our pricing start at $79/month.

Competing products are much more complex and much more expensive. For the functionality we’re looking for - a simple feedback community - the features we get are actually better than I expected and at a price that we can afford.

Heather Paunet, Untangle’s VP of Product Management

Why should you use Feature Upvote?

Everybody is pumped to work on feature requests!

Felix Süllwold, CEO of Judge.me

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30 day trial, no credit card required

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