Feature Upvote versus Aha!

Feature Upvote provides simple, affordable feedback boards with built-in voting functionality.

Unlike roadmapping tools like Aha!, we specialise solely in customer feedback. Our feedback boards are optimised to help you collect and prioritise feature requests and customer suggestions.

Customer feedback is our priority. Not an afterthought.

screenshot of our own feature upvote board

Why choose Feature Upvote as your Aha! alternative?

Feature Upvote Aha!
Fits in with your existing workflow Replaces a major part of your workflow
Simple and uncluttered Complex UI makes it harder to use
Everything you need Every feature that a big company might need
Helpful support, if you need us Bigger customers get priority
$39/month ($49 if you pay monthly)
Including unlimited contributors and free custom domain
from $74 month

Feature Upvote is purpose-built for feedback; Aha Ideas is an add-on

Aha! is a roadmapping tool, with a feedback board added on. It is perfect if you want a tool to help you plan and visualise your entire product strategy.

However, if your main focus is to collect and prioritise customer feedback then a roadmapping tool won’t cut it. You need a feedback tool instead. This type of tool helps you create a more collaborative culture around your product, resulting in better product decisions.

Feedback tools like Feature Upvote are purpose-built. At Feature Upvote we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can make it easier and more rewarding for customers to give you feedback. And how we can make moderation of your feedback board as simple and quick as possible.

The result is an affordable and simple product that helps you find out what your customers need and care about.

Feature Upvote fits in to your workflow; Aha! replaces it

Aha! is a roadmapping tool designed to replace software you already use. In some cases this is great. You don’t like your existing software anyway!

However, adopting complex new software always has a downside. You have to persuade people to use it. Your team gets new software fatigue. There’s always a bit of a communication mess around what the software is for and what it isn’t.

This is where Feature Upvote comes in. Our product nimbly fits into your existing workflow, giving you a quick and easy way to organise feedback in one place and prioritise it through voting.

Feature Upvote is genuinely easy for you, your colleagues and your contributors to use. There’s no learning curve, as there is for more complicated software. You can get started immediately.

Feature Upvote also integrates with Slack, Jira and Zapier.

What we like about Feature Upvote is its simplicity. We looked at similar solutions, but they were much more complicated than they needed to be.

Patrick Hathaway, co-founder of award-winning SEO tool Sitebulb

Although Aha! is a big company with name recognition, we’re happy with our more modest reputation. We’re popular with companies and organisations in more than 30 countries around the world, from major banks to online retailers and community theatres. We support feedback boards in 10+ languages, and happily cope with boards with many thousands of contributors.

Here’s an example of a popular Feature Upvote board, used by digital notebook company Rocketbook.

screenshot of our own feature upvote board

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You’ll have access to all our features, so can properly test out whether we’re a good fit for your company or organisation. See pricing.

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