How to stay small – our story

We’ve been creating software since 2008. And do you know what? We’re still a small team and we keep it that way. Being small means we treat every customer as if they matter to us. And that’s because they do. You do.

Contact us and it’s quite possible you’ll be communicating directly with the founder.

We’re profitable and self-funded

We’re proud to be a profitable, sustainable, self-funded company. That means we’re going to be around for the long term.

There’ll be no sudden demands by investors that change everything about our products overnight. And no sudden disappearance because we didn’t grow by 20% in a year.

You can sign up for our software safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep improving it and supporting you, year on year.

We needed Feature Upvote, so we built it

Don’t you get tired of companies saying they care about you when they don’t?

So do we. Which is why we created Feature Upvote in the first place. Because we are serious about listening to our customers.

We were lucky because our customers sent us plenty of ideas for improving our other software products. And our team had even more ideas, which was great. What wasn’t so great, however, was that we had no good way to track which ideas were the most important.

The ideas languished in Jira while we worked on what we thought people wanted. Intuition can be useful, but intuition not guided by data often leads to features no one uses.

We wanted to make sure we delivered improvements that you actually want.

We discovered that you needed Feature Upvote too

After a bit of research, it became clear that we weren’t the only small team that had this problem with feature tracking, while existing solutions didn’t seem to understand the needs of smaller teams.

The feature tracking solution that works for Microsoft didn’t work for us – and probably doesn’t for you.

So we created Feature Upvote for everyone.

Our customers now include:

  • Software companies who produce desktop apps, mobile apps, and SaaS products
  • Teams within larger organisations, including banks and universities
  • Companies with physical products
  • Indie computer games companies
  • Information products, such as online magazines

At last count, our customers lived in 30 countries around the world.

What all our customers share is a desire to give customers an easy way to suggest and upvote improvements to their product.

Customers feel valued and you gain valuable and measurable insights into what improvements should be implemented and which shouldn’t.

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