Feature Upvote was created in 2017 by the Barbary Software team. It’s since become our sole focus. Feature Upvote is that rare software product: one that we love working on and that our customers enjoy using.

We’re profitable and self-funded

We’re proud to be a profitable, sustainable, self-funded company. That means we’re going to be around for the long term.

There’ll be no sudden demands by investors that change everything about our product overnight. And no sudden disappearance because we’re not growing 20% month-on-month.

You can sign up for Feature Upvote safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep improving our product and supporting you.

We’re serious about being low stress

Do you know how we begin our monthly meetings? With a reminder that Feature Upvote is a low-stress company. This has been company policy right from the beginning. Steve McLeod, our founder, says:

I don't want endless ambition to drive our company. Endless ambition leads to endless exhaustion. Exhaustion doesn't benefit our team, it doesn't benefit our customers, and it doesn't benefit our families.

Being content with modest growth allows our team to maintain a healthy balance between work and everything else in their life. It assures us - and our customers - that our company is stable and healthy and will be around for many years.

Photo of Steve McLeod, founder of Feature Upvote Steve McLeod

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We use Feature Upvote ourselves so we know what you need

We originally built Feature Upvote because we needed it – and we couldn’t find another solution that worked well enough for us (here’s our story about building Feature Upvote).

This internal feedback and upvoting tool was so useful that we decided to see if anyone else wanted to use it. They did, and we now have customers in more than 30 different countries.

We continue to use feature Upvote in-house to collect and prioritise feature requests for Feature Upvote. So we know what it feels like to use Feature Upvote on a daily basis. And we still like it!

Feature Upvote feedback board

Join a growing number of companies using Feature Upvote

Our customers include enterprise-level companies, bootstrapped startups, charities, government bodies, and educational establishments.

We’ve created a product that helps you reduce the gap between your organisation and your users. If you make it easy for everyone to give you feedback, you’ll surface great ideas and build a community around your product.

Email us at support@featureupvote.com to get in touch.

Feature Upvote is developed and owned by

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