1. No shenanigans. We treat you how we’d like to be treated as customers. Some concrete examples: you can cancel anytime with zero hassle, and upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.
  2. Your data is, well, yours. You can export all your data freely at any time.
  3. We want you to be happy with our service. Not happy delighted? Let us know and we’ll find a solution. If we can’t, we’ll refund your most recent payment.
  4. We keep things simple. We strive for simplicity, something that is not easy to achieve. We want Feature Upvote to always be helpful, and not a source of confusion of frustration.
  5. We are always improving, slowly and steadily. Slowly is important. We’re not in a race. We want our product to be a little bit better every month. We make improvements gradually. We think the best improvements are ones that you don’t even notice unless they address a problem you are facing. Which brings us to our next point.
  6. We run a low-stress zone. We strive to keep unnecessary stress out of business, and we strive to keep it out of yours. That’s why you’ll seldom see sweeping changes to Feature Upvote that move everything around. Large, sudden changes cause confusion and stress, so we do our best to avoid them.
  7. We’re friendly and helpful. Got a problem? Let us know and we’ll do our best to solve it.
  8. We do things well. Perfection is an unreachable target but we can still aim for it. We avoid half-solutions and fragile code.
  9. We keep the quality high. We fix bugs, typos, and errors as soon as we know about them. We’ll stop work on a new feature so that we can fix any existing bugs. Bug fixes first!

There’s one big reason why we can do things the Feature Upvote way. It is because we are fully bootstrapped. We don’t have any external investors. Therefore we don’t have to satisfy anybody else’s demands on how we run things. We can do things the way we believe they should be done.