Dockwa and Feature Upvote
Dockwa: 3 x private boards since November 2020

Dockwa, a marine management platform, uses Feature Upvote's proxy voting with a private board to get back in control of customer feedback. What they like best is how simple it is to track feature requests with Feature Upvote. and Feature Upvote 1 x public board since August 2019 is a brilliant and challenging web based board game that positions itself as an alternative to the highly popular Settlers of Catan board game. You take on the role of a colonist and you must build a civilization and expand your territory.

YAZIO and Feature Upvote
YAZIO: 2 x public boards since April 2018

YAZIO is a top-rated nutrition and weight loss app. They use Feature Upvote to collect and prioritise customer feedback in German and English (for international customers). Ulrike Pitzschke, customer care manager, explains how they use Feature Upvote: "We send our users to Feature Upvote directly from our help base and also from support, if users are making suggestions for improvements".

Donorfy and Feature Upvote
Donorfy: 1 x public board since September 2018

Donorfy is an award-winning fundraising CRM for the charity sector. They use Feature Upvote to support of their key company values: ‘Build it Together’. Customer success manager Lucy Hunter says: “Don’t be afraid of feedback! It’s really valuable to know what your customers and stakeholders are thinking, and can help to steer you in the right direction.”

Tutory and Feature Upvote
Tutory: 1 x public board since November 2018

Tutory is an online editor for worksheets. They use feature Upvote to organise feedback from their customers. Managing director Thomas Haubner says: "As a result of the close contact we have with our audience, we were getting a lot of requests for features for the platform. We opted to use Feature Upvote to organise these requests for our own purposes and for external transparency."

Zenventory and Feature Upvote
Zenventory: 1 x public board since October 2018

Zenventory provides inventory management software for ecommerce retailers, third party logistic companies and small businesses. They wanted to get a high level view of what their customers needed, particularly as their user base grew. “Our customers are the source of our best ideas for improvement,” says marketing director Jennifer Wing. and Feature Upvote 1 x public board since June 2017 tracks buyer ratings for products in online shops. They were finding it difficult to show their customers – online merchants – that they cared about their feature requests and were actively working on them. With the help of Feature Upvote, they discovered “Very simple things that we needed to introduce to make some of our customers happier. Without Feature Upvote, we might have never considered these” says CEO Felix Süllwold.

Untangle and Feature Upvote
Untangle: 3 x public boards since June 2018

Untangle provides network security for small and medium sized companies. Their customers have strong and useful opinions on what they want, but their opinions were getting lost.

Sitebulb and Feature Upvote
Sitebulb: 1 x public board since October 2017

Sitebulb is a desktop website crawler that delivers instantly actionable SEO insights. The Sitebulb team launched in 2017. Patrick Hathaway, co-founder of Sitebulb, says: “After we launched, we had a lot of feedback coming in from various different channels. We were looking for a way to consolidate and organize this feedback. We wanted to track which features were getting frequently requested, and which ones were just being asked for by a couple of users.”

Convergint and Feature Upvote
Convergint Technologies: 9 x SSO boards since March 2018

Convergint is the largest systems integrator in the world. They use Feature Upvote to crowdsource feedback on internal tools that they’ve developed to support their business. “The ability to collect internal feedback is fantastic, particularly being able to say ‘here’s an idea’ and give everyone the opportunity to vote for it, collaborate on it and watch that conversation grow over time” says business architect Bethany Taylor.