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Ending support for Internet Explorer 11

Last updated:

On June 15, 2022, Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer 11. So are we.

Meaning from mid-June onward, we won’t be testing to make sure our software works on Internet Explorer 11. And we won’t fix any problems that you encounter only on Internet Explorer 11.

Since the very first day of Feature Upvote, we’ve aimed to make our software usable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

We’ve built Feature Upvote so that even your customers visiting your feedback board from lower-income countries on low-end devices with patchy Internet could have an optimal experience.

This is why we’ve continued to support older browsers and kept our product simple and streamlined.

However, it has become hard to keep things working for Internet Explorer 11. One by one, the third-party components we rely on are dropping support for Internet Explorer 11. We’ve done our best to work around it, but it is time for us to do the same.