When you have more than one feedback board your customers occasionally add suggestions to the wrong board.

When this happens, it’s a pain. You have to manually add the suggestion to the correct board, along with any upvotes and comments, and delete the suggestion from the other board.

Even if this doesn’t happen very often, we feel your pain!

So we’ve made it easy for you to move suggestions between boards.

How to move suggestions

You will only see the ‘move’ option if you have more than one feedback board.

You can move a suggestion from the moderation page on your dashboard.

move suggestion feature on moderation page

You can also move an individual suggestion that you’re viewing.

Original feature request for filter by tags

What happens to comments and upvotes?

All comments, upvotes, attached images and meta information (like status updates) are moved with the suggestion.

For more details on how to move a suggestion please see our help article.

Have another feature request?

Add your new suggestion to our Feature Upvote feedback board. Or upvote an existing suggestion. Your feedback directly informs our product development.