Judge.me and Feature Upvote

Judge.me tracks buyer ratings for products in online shops.

They were finding it difficult to show their customers – online merchants – that they cared about their feature requests and were actively working on them.

Plus their attempts to track feature requests were time consuming and ineffective. Felix Süllwold, CEO of Judge.me, lists what they tried:

Google Spreadsheet (who likes spreadsheets? we still have a 200 row Google Spreadsheet somewhere), Slack reminders to ourselves (great spam every 4 weeks), Slack channels (wow that was stupid), our Project Management tool (created a lot of orphan tickets), pen and paper (ahhh where did I put this?!), Evernote (yep, that is lost somewhere).

Judge.me needed a solution that would consolidate customer feedback in one place, show customers that they were acting on that feedback, allow Judge.me to respond to suggestions, and be easy to use.

They turned to Feature Upvote and discovered a lot of quick wins:

Very simple things that we needed to introduce to make some of our customers happier. Without Feature Upvote, we might have never considered these.

Our favourite feature is ‘comment with email’. It makes it easy to keep track of users who like something specific.

Judge.me found one unanticipated benefit of using Feature Upvote was the boost to team motivation: “Everybody is pumped to work on feature requests!”

So would they recommend Feature Upvote?

Yes, everyone needs this. Hands down.

Felix Süllwold, CEO of Judge.me

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