Untangle and Feature Upvote

Untangle provides network security for small and medium sized companies.

Their customers have strong and useful opinions on what they want, but their opinions were getting lost.

Untangle Command Center Feature Requests

Heather Paunet, Untangle’s VP of Product Management, says:

We have product forums, which were pretty good for getting feedback. However, feedback would get lost over time as forum posts became older, and whilst customers may make an initial comment on a feature request, there was no way to organize the feedback other than going through historical posts one by one, or searching for keywords. We would also do targeted customer surveys.

Untangle wanted to organise and manage feedback in one place, to help prioritize what their engineering team works on. They also wanted to create a sense of community that would further engage customers.

To solve these problems, Untangle started using Feature Upvote.

They quickly found that a sense of community began to develop as Feature Upvote made customer suggestions visible. Customers were also able to feedback as soon as they had an issue:

We were looking for a way to encourage customers to tell us about their feature requests right at the moment that they thought of a feature. The moment when the customer is thinking about a feature is the best time to have them tell us, as it’s top of mind.

Feature Upvote also provided the simplicity the company needed:

Competing products are much more complex and much more expensive. For the functionality we’re looking for - a simple feedback community - the features we get are actually better than I expected and at a price that we can afford.

So would Untangle recommend Feature Upvote?

Absolutely. Getting direct feedback from customers at the time they are thinking about a pain point, or a new feature is invaluable and Feature Upvote facilitates this for us easily.

The product works well, support has been fantastic, value for money is spot on, and I’m hooked. I’d be lost without my customer input from Feature Upvote. I look at it every day.

Heather Paunet, Untangle’s VP of Product Management

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