Zenventory and Feature Upvote

Zenventory provides inventory management software for ecommerce retailers, third party logistic companies and small businesses.
They wanted to get a high level view of what their customers needed, particularly as their user base grew.

“Our customers are the source of our best ideas for improvement,” says Jennifer Wing, marketing director of Zenventory.

Before Feature Upvote, they tried:

Trello board, Jira, emails - Too many different places!

Once they were up and running with Feature Upvote, they quickly received corroboration of their product direction – and a few surprises.

The feature board has confirmed our hunches on a few features, and surprised us that demand was so high for a few others.

This is a screenshot of the Zenventory feature request board:

Zenventory feature request board

Feature Upvote also provided the simplicity the company needed. They particularly liked:

The simplicity of the UI, both for us and for our customers. Comparable products we’ve tried are often too feature-heavy for the simple use case we have here.

So would they recommend Feature Upvote?

Yes! It’s the best tool we’ve found to do this specific job. Our customers appreciate the openness and the democracy of it.

And what’s this we hear about a four-day work week?

The 4 day work week is really cool. We just started it on a trial basis. It’s amazing. I finally feel like I get a break over my weekends now. Weekends really needed one extra day. By the time you have unwound from the previous week it was time to go back to work and I always felt rushed in and out of my down time.

We are lucky that the owner of this company is very forward thinking. I’d totally recommend this work schedule for any company considering it.

Sounds good Jennifer! We’re a fan too.

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