Want to spend more time developing your game and less time managing feature requests?

Use a feature request board with in-built voting functionality to separate out feature requests, reduce support tickets and engage your community.

Create my feature request board

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Feedbkack board for game developers

Collect and track user requests in one organised place

Build a better game by listening to feedback

Make your communication channels easier to manage by separating out feature requests in one organised place. Reduce support tickets to people with a genuine problem.

Encourage enagagement by asking your community to directly add feature requests to your board, and upvote suggestions they support. Find out which requests get the most traction, and could lead to a popularity surge.

Tell contributors what you intend to do with their feedback so they know what is happening (and don't need to ask you).

Make your organisation stronger through communication

Used by games developers
to organise feature requests

Pavlov VR, Modd.io and SurviveWithUs boards

How Feature Upvote Works

Create your branded feedback board in two minutes. Make it private or public. Invite your community to add feature requests.

Your community add their own feature requests and upvote or comment on others. The most popular suggestions rise to the top of the list.

Show completed feature requests as "DONE". Mark others as planned, under consideration or not planned. All contributors see that you care about their feedback.

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30 day trial, no credit card required

Why Feature Upvote?

Secure, versatile and purpose-built
feature request boards for games developers

  • Clever auto spam filters so you don't have to weed out spam manually.
  • Multiple moderators so volunteers as well as team members can help your run the feature request board.
  • Unlimited contributors so your game can be super popular and we'll scale with you.
  • Cancel any time so you can see how we work out with your community.
  • Discord integration via Zapier (we'll consider a direct integration if we get enough feedback!)
  • Boards are mobile optimised and available in more than 10 languages