Give everyone in your non-profit or charity a chance to suggest and upvote ideas, and get involved.

We provide simple feedback boards with built in voting functionality. No log in required for contributors. Get started immediately.

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Partner and staff expectations are changing:
make your organisation stronger
through communication

Don't let your staff, volunteers or partners feel disengaged because they are in a different place, don't know who to talk to at head office, or are shy about voicing their thoughts.

Collect feedback from everyone in one organised place. Easily see what everyone think about new initiatives and what improvements they would make.

Be visible and transparent about what you've already achieved, and plan to achieve, using labels like 'done' and 'under consideration'.

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How Feature Upvote can help your charity or non-profit
Two use cases

An animal welfare charity that wants to increase team and volunteer engagement.

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An animal welfare charity that wants to increase team and volunteer engagement.

How Feature Upvote works

How Feature Upvote works
  • Create your branded feedback board in two minutes. Make it private or public. Invite your team, volunteers or partners to add general suggestions or specific feedback on a new project.
  • Staff, volunteers or partners add their own ideas and upvote others. The most popular suggestions rise to the top of the list.
  • Completed ideas show as "DONE". Mark others as planned, under consideration or not planned. All contributors see that you care about their feedback.

Why Feature Upvote?

Long emails strings are confusing.
Surveys are hard to process.

Trying to get suggestions and feedback from staff, volunteers and partners via email is confusing and time consuming.

Using surveys seems like a good idea, but gives little sense of what is important to more than one person. Plus people quickly get survey overload, so you end up with very little feedback.

Feature Upvote makes it simple and easy for you to collect feedback in one organised place, and to qualify it through voting.

Nurture a culture of collaboration in your non-profit. Make everyone feel valued, even if you don't act on their suggestion.

Collect ideas in one place

Feedback boards in 10+ languages and mobile optimised


Improve your feedback process with feedback boards that work for everyone.

  • Choice of more than 10 languages for your product feedback board
  • All boards optimised for different devices, including mobile
  • No login or Feature Upvote account required for contributors