We’re proud of our translations. We use human translation only, because automated tools are not good enough for us.

For a core group of languages, we use professional translators who translate into their mother tongue.

For some languages, we rely on volunteers to help with translation. We’re always delighted to accept volunteer help to add languages or correct errors.

Spotted a translation error?

Let us know at support@featureupvote.com and we’ll fix it.

Willing to help translate into your language?

Read the rest of this page, and then contact us via email at support@featureupvote.com. Make sure to tell us what language you can help with.

What needs to be translated?

Our end-user facing pages need to be translated. These are where customers add suggestions, make comments and vote.

The moderator dashboard is not translated.

There are around 200 text fragments. Here’s a short sample:

Example of text fragments to be translated

How long does this take?

It will take you around two hours to fully translate all text fragments. It is best to allow another hour for checking and revising the translations after we’ve added them to the Feature Upvote web app.

From time to time we add or change a few English text fragments. It will typically take you a few minutes at most to make the necessary changes to your target language.

Do I have to translate all the text?

Yes. A mix of English and non-English in the public-facing user interface creates a really bad impression for new customers who want to use the translation. So we will only make a translation available on our site when it is completed.

How do I do the translation?

We use an excellent web app called WebTranslateIt.com to manage the translations.

It allows you to do the translation within your browser at your own pace. When you tell us you’d like to help we will add you to our WebTranslateIt.com account.

We ask that you do the translations manually. We’ve tried automated tools like Google Translate, but they don’t give us the quality we want for our product.

Do I receive acknowledgement?

If you’d like public acknowledgement for your translating assistance let us know. We will mention you on this page.

How do I get started?

Let us know at support@featureupvote.com and we will give you the info you need to get started. Make sure to tell us what language you can help with.