Spreadsheets are still one of the most used tools in the product management business. They are useful, simple and free. Almost everyone knows how to use them.

Spreadsheets can be amazing, but they don’t scale well.

They don’t make prioritisation all that easy. Perhaps your feedback backlog is stretching to eternity with only a quarter of it prioritised?

They can also feel secretive – not least because many team members can’t be bothered to look at rows of data, let alone dig around to find the status of their contribution.

This is why we built Feature Upvote.

Collect customer feedback in one place from the start

Customer feedback is often the source of brilliant product ideas. But this feedback gets stuck in your support system, customer forum or scattered across social media. Then you need to collect it together in a spreadsheet.

Instead, use Feature Upvote to collect customer feedback from the start. Customers can add their own ideas directly, and upvote others. You get to see what your customers need most. Your customers see that you care about their feedback, even if you don’t implement it.

Screenshot of our own board with a pop up suggestion form

Encourage a culture of collaboration at your company

Feedback from all your team, including engineers, can throw up some great ideas. But you usually hear from the same voices, often management.

Every week. Actually, it was usually daily. I would drop a bomb on someone in the company. It would be some new idea, some new direction, some new brilliant thing I came up with. Something we absolutely had to do right now. A new feature I thought would help us grow. (But really, it wouldn’t).

Hiten Shah: My Billion Dollar Mistake

Asking for team feedback, only to hide it away in a complex spreadsheet, discourages people from contributing. Why should they when they don’t get any credit and they can’t easily see what you’re doing with their suggestions?

Instead, use Feature Upvote to make the process of collecting team feedback transparent and rewarding. Thank people for their feedback using comments. Use tags to show team members what you are doing with their ideas.

Screenshot of our status updates

Work in the way that you want

We’ve purposely kept Feature Upvote simple. It’s not ambitious product management software that replaces your favourite processes. Or an expensive and complex feedback tool.

Feature Upvote easily fits into your favourite way of working, while helping you save time and budget tracking and prioritising feedback. We also offer a 30 day free trial so you can test whether we’re a good fit with your company.

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Feature Upvote vs spreadsheets (a visual comparison)

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