Slack & Feature Upvote | Tracking Customer Requests Using Slack

Slack is a powerful project management tool, but it can’t do everything. It can’t yet make tea, for example. And it certainly can’t resolve arguments about which pub is best for after works drinks on Friday.

Slack also can’t help you collect customer feedback in one place. Or prevent you wasting a lot of time organising feedback from different channels, and trying not to lose such feedback in lists and unmanageable forums.

This is where Feature Upvote comes in, complete with Slack integration.

screenshot of Feature Upvote working with Slack

Track customer feature requests

Feature Upvote provides you with a product ideas board where your customers (and team) can add suggestions, upvote existing ones and add comments to suggestions.

screenshot of the Feature Upvote suggestion board

The most needed ideas rise to the top of the board. You get visibility on what customers and your company needs. You get clarity on what your feature roadmap should look like.

You also receive a valuable heads up on what your customers and team don’t care about. If you post a suggestion outlining your next ‘killer feature’ only to get zero upvotes then you might want to abandon asap and build something else.

Feature Upvote has given us insight into unanticipated ways in which people are using our software. Through the months we were in beta, we had decided on a set of launch features. We had actively decided that some features and settings didn’t fit with how we expected people to use Sitebulb. Feature Upvote has helped us realise that we made a mistake by omitting some of these.

Patrick Hathaway, co-founder of Sitebulb

For more information on why a product ideas board is much better than using spreadsheets for collecting ideas and feedback read our article: Product ideas board vs spreadsheets.

How does Feature Upvote work?

  • You create a branded Feature Upvote product suggestions page in two minutes. Invite your customers to help improve your product.

  • Customers add their own suggestions and upvote other suggestions. The most popular suggestions rise to the top of the list.

  • Completed suggestions show as “DONE”. Mark other suggestions as planned, under consideration or not planned. Customers see that you care about their feedback.

How does Feature Upvote integrate with Slack?

Simply create a Slack channel that you want to use for feature requests. Something like ‘feature-requests’ should do the job.

Configure Feature Upvote and Slack (this takes about 1-2 minutes). See our help article for more detailed instructions.

Slack will send you a test message. Then you’re done.

screenshot of Slack sending a test message

You’ll be able to see all new suggestions and comments that are posted to Feature Upvote, complete with a link to each comment and suggestion.

You can keep track on activity on your Feature Upvote board from Slack, minimising switching between different software and ensuring you respond quickly when something important comes up.

Ready to give Feature Upvote a try?

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