Discover which improvements your customers really want.

Let your customers openly suggest and upvote improvements, helping you choose where to spend your resources.

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How Feature Upvote Works


Customers have suggestions for improving your product. Which improvements will give you the best return on investment?


Create a Feature Upvote product suggestions page in two minutes. Invite your customers to help improve your product.


Customers add their own suggestions and upvote other suggestions. The most popular suggestions bubble up to the top of the list.


See which improvements are the ones that customers most want. Know where to spend your limited resources.


Completed suggestions show as "DONE". Customers observe that you listen and respond. They're happy and spread the word about how great your product is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Here's a good example of a product using Feature Upvote. Note the customized branding!

We feel that Internet users are tired of having to sign up for site after site. If someone wants to give some simple feedback, we should make it as easy as possible. Having to go through a sign-up process will significantly reduce the amount of feedback you get.

Instead we created moderation tools that with a single click allow you to approve customer feedback or to reject it as spam or inappropriate.

Good question. Allowing users to vote without signing while keeping things legitimate is a challenge. Amongst other techniques, we use a combination of throttling by IP address, throttling by suggestion, and tracking by cookies to keep things under control. You can read more about our solution to voting manipulation here.

Yes! By default you can use Changing this to a completely custom domain such as requires some technical configuration by you or your website admin. Contact our support team, and we'll walk you through the technical configuration steps you'll need to make.

Yes. Your Feature Upvote public page can be protected with a password that must be known by anyone who wishes to view and add suggestions. This works well if you only want your own employees to have access.

Yes. You can set what language you'd like your Feature Upvote suggestion page to use. Currently we offer English, Spanish, German, and Brasilian Portuguese. Let us know if you need your language added.