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Find out what your customers need
and what your team has to say

Don't let valuable feedback from customers and team members get lost in different places. Or waste time trying to organise it yourself.

Collect feedback in one place from the start. Easily see what your customers and team really need. Build features that are an instant hit.

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What we like about Feature Upvote is its simplicity. We looked at similar solutions, but they were much more complicated than they needed to be.

Sitebulb, desktop website crawler

How feature upvote works

  1. Create your branded product feedback board in two minutes. Make it private or public. Invite your customers or team members to help improve your product.
  2. Customers or team members add their own ideas and upvote others. The most popular suggestions rise to the top of the list.
  3. Completed ideas show as "DONE". Mark others as planned, under consideration or not planned. All contributors see that you care about their feedback.
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Why Feature Upvote?

Feature Upvote helps you establish a collaborative and transparent culture in your company that unleashes ideas and inspiration. Everyone gets the chance to argue passionately about what your product needs. Everyone feels valued, even though they might not agree with your ultimate decisions on what to build.

Get feedback from everyone

Improve your feedback process with feedback boards that work for everyone.

  • Choice of more than 10 languages for your product feedback board
  • All boards optimised for different devices, including mobile
  • No login or Feature Upvote account required for contributors

Available integrations:

Jira Software Slack Single Sign On Zapier

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