When your product gets traction, you start to receive requests for improvements. Feature Upvote is a web-based tool that lets you manage this customer feedback.

We built Feature Upvote because we needed it ourselves. We’d tried spreadsheets, Trello, Jira and other methods. None has worked very well for us. Feature Upvote does.

Feature Upvote is specially designed to be a simple way to collect, organise and prioritise customer feedback.

Getting direct feedback from customers at the time they are thinking about a pain point, or a new feature is invaluable and Feature Upvote facilitates this for us easily.

Heather Paunet, Untangle’s VP of Product Management

Customers add suggestions to your board themselves

Just about anyone can use Feature Upvote to submit suggestions. There’s no need for training or instructions. We offer a simple, standard form that works equally well on any device, on any operating system, and with any browser.

form for submitting suggestion Our feedback form can be used by anyone on any device

Successful products get far more suggestions than your team could ever possibly add, or want to add. So you need a way to make sure you accept suggestions that will help attract new customers as well as retain existing ones.

Feature Upvote’s voting system lets users upvote suggestions. Before too long, the important suggestions rise to the top of your suggestions board.

Before we found Feature Upvote, our desire to keep our customers happy meant we’d sometimes shift feature development ad hoc based on which customer complained the loudest about something. Now that we have Feature Upvote, we can show our customers we care about their feedback even if we don’t do their feature request right away. We’ve also discovered some blind spots, feature requests that we didn’t realize were so widely wanted.

PJ Celis, Founder of Judge.me

Everything can be moderated, and moderation is easy

When you make a product feedback board public, you are trusting users to use it sensibly. However, Feature Upvote has subtle user interface techniques to guide people to use it correctly. It comes with auto-moderation and spam prevention enabled by default. It also has a series of abuse prevention techniques. Read more about our techniques to prevent your board from abuse and manipulation.

The best moderation technique is human verification. So our default option is that each suggestion and comment needs your approval before it is made public. Approval can be done in a single click. Our bulk moderation tool makes sure that Feature Upvote saves you time, and doesn’t add to your workload.

However, if you really trust your contributors, or make your board private, you can turn off moderation of suggestions and/or comments.

feature requests that are shown as done on our Feature Upvote board Completed feature requests
on our own feedback board

Customers see your progress

Each user suggestion has a public status. As you change a suggestion’s status from ‘under consideration’ to ‘planned’ to ‘done’, your customers see your progress. They see that you listen to your customers and make it clear that your product is improving.

Even if you mark a suggestion as ‘not planned’ – perhaps with a comment to explain why – then your customers can see that you care about their feedback, even if you don’t implement their feature request.

‘White label’ for all accounts

A white label product or service is produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

You can rebrand your Feature Upvote feedback board to appear as if you made it. You can use your logo, your domain name, and your colour scheme. Read more about branding your Feature Upvote feedback board.

This is available for all our customers.

Untangle feedback board Untangle have used their brand colours, their logo, and specific copy

Private and public feedback boards

If your product is for private use within your organisation, you won’t want the public to see your suggestions. You can make your Feature Upvote feedback board private by using a password or by Single Sign-On.

In your customers’ language

We’re a multilingual team. We’re based in Barcelona, Spain, where speaking multiple languages every day is a fact of life. We have designed Feature Upvote so it is a global product. It is currently used by customers in more than 30 countries.

These are the languages we currently support. We are extending our language support all the time. This is our help document on changing the language of your feedback board.

Ready to give Feature Upvote a try?

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