UserVoice Pricing - how much does UserVoice actually cost?

To the best of our knowledge, UserVoice’s product boards start at $500/month. Additional features cost more. For example, using a custom domain name requires an additional $100/month.

If you’re an enterprise company then UserVoice can be a good choice. Microsoft is already a customer. They can handle companies of your size.

However, if you’re a small to medium sized company then your choices are much wider. Similar products, like our feedback boards, are available from $29 a month.

In this article we look at what UserVoice used to charge, why that changed, and what they charge now.

“Our product management product starts at $499 because it’s something that’s most valuable at scale hence the higher pricing.”

UserVoice representative’s answer on Quora

UserVoice used to have affordable pricing

Until the end of 2014, UserVoice had a number of price points. There was a “standard” plan at $20/month. An “enhanced” plan at $55/month added SSO. The “pro” plan at $95/month added custom design and access controls.

Then Microsoft became a customer

In late 2014, UserVoice created feedback boards for several Microsoft products, including Word, Excel, and Outlook. This was undoubtedly a great success for UserVoice’s sales team.

At about the the same time, UserVoice significantly changed their approach to sales and pricing. They seemed to have made a strategic decision to aim for enterprise-level customers. Instead of a self-service sign up, they adopted a comprehensive sales-driven approach.

Now UserVoice’s product feedback service starts from $500/month

In early 2015 UserVoice’s pricing changed to start at $499/month for their “basic” plan, which allowed a feedback board for one product. The “premium” plan at $999/month allowed for three products, multiple languages, and private forums. There was also additional enterprise “contact us” pricing.

In May 2015, a UserVoice representative stated on Quora that their “product management product starts at $499 because it’s something that’s most valuable at scale hence the higher pricing.”

UserVoice quote UserVoice explains their current pricing

In mid 2016 UserVoice’s website mentioned two plans: “Basic” at $499, and “Enterprise” at “contact us”, which offered multiple products, multiple languages, and private forums.

In early 2017 a limited “Starter Bundle” was available at $199 (up to 1,000 end users who can contribute and vote). This plan seems to be no longer available.

This is the last time UserVoice openly published their pricing.

There has been no pricing available on UserVoice’s website since March 2017. To find the pricing you need to first sit through a sales demo, with pricing and features negotiated. To the best of our knowledge, the starting price is $500/month.

In 2019, expect to pay at least $500/month for a UserVoice solution. Additional features need to be negotiated with the UserVoice sales team, and are added to the price. These paid-for add-ons include custom domain name, which is an additional $100/month according to the most recent info UserVoice publicised.

UserVoice doesn’t offer discounts

What about UserVoice startup plans and discounts? As of April 2019 UserVoice’s website answers the question “Do you have a free plan or any discounts available?” with a clear “no”: “No discounts for startups, small businesses, academic institutions, non-profits or charities.”

Why charge $500+ a month?

When you are managing feedback boards for customers like Microsoft, your customers have demanding needs. It takes a long time to complete a sale to large corporations. They need custom legal agreements, terms of service, and service level agreements (SLAs). They expect you to comply to various operating standards.

All of this incurs significant expense for the service supplier (in this case, UserVoice). This type of sale only works at high price points. UserVoice seem to have decided that these are the types of customers they’d prefer to serve.

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