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We talked to Ulrike Pitzschke, customer care manager at YAZIO.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and the work you do?

YAZIO aims to offer users a full range of nutrition-focused tools so they can set and achieve healthy goals. We make a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone by building a nutrition-focused product to help raise awareness about what we eat and how it plays such a crucial role in our health and happiness.

This increased knowledge and awareness will help users make changes in their day-to-day life that guides them toward achievable goals, ideally forming habits that stick in the long-term.

How are you using Feature Upvote?

We are currently using two boards, one for German and one for English (international) suggestions. We send our users to Feature Upvote directly from our help base and also from support, if users are making suggestions for improvements.

We also try to take users to already available suggestions and ask them to comment or upvote them.

A screenshot of the english feedback board for Yazio

Feature Upvote is also one of our sources when it comes to product development and developing new features.

Before using Feature Upvote, we received feedback as ‘normal’ support requests and needed to filter it manually, which was time-consuming.

If you could give other customers one piece of advice on collecting feedback, what would it be?

Try to work with Feature Upvote in a way that helps your customers and yourself in the same way. We use the ‘merge’ functionality and tags to keep the boards well-structured.

I’d also suggest moderating suggestions on a regular basis so you keep your boards up to date (some customers will want to know when their suggestion will be available online!).

This case study is also available in German.

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