Feature Upvote versus UserVoice

Need a simple, streamlined alternative to UserVoice?

Feature Upvote provides simple, affordable feedback boards with built-in voting functionality for small and medium-sized companies.

You can get started with the free trial immediately and there is no learning curve for contributors.

You can cancel, add an extra board or remove a board at any time. There are no hidden costs for essentials like custom domain names, and no limits on contributors.

screenshot of our own feature upvote board

Why choose Feature Upvote as your UserVoice alternative?

Feature UpvoteUserVoice
Simple and unclutteredComplex and hard to use
Everything you needEvery feature that a huge company might need
Fits in with your existing workflowTries to replace part of your workflow
Designed for every screen and deviceDesktop-first and playing catch up
Get started immediately with free trialSales call and price negotiation
Helpful support, if you need usBigger customers get priority
$39/month ($49 if you pay monthly)
Including unlimited contributors and free custom domain
From $500/month
and pay extra for a custom domain

Feature Upvote is designed for companies of all sizes, not just enterprise

UserVoice is great software, used by companies like Microsoft. However, because UserVoice has moved upstream to support enterprise customers, it isn’t the best choice for every company.

We designed Feature Upvote to work for everyone, particularly small to medium-sized companies and organisations. Our core features are:

  • Contributors can add suggestions
  • Contributors can vote on suggestions
  • Admin and contributors can comment on suggestions
  • Admin can merge, split and edit suggestions
  • Admin can add statuses to suggestions (like “done” or “sales team suggestion”)
  • Boards can be made public, password protected or use Single-Sign-On (SSO)

screenshot to show status tags You can give suggestions a status to show what you’re planning or what you’ve done

Feature Upvote fits in to your workflow and is easy to use

UserVoice provides a complex tool that can be configured in many ways to accomplish different actions. The upside is that you can make the tool work well for a specific set up. The downside is that you often find yourself replacing workflows that you were already happy with.

Feature Upvote nimbly fits into your existing workflow, giving you a quick and easy way to organise feedback in one place and prioritise it through voting.

Feature Upvote also integrates with Slack, Jira and Zapier.

Feature Upvote is also genuinely easy for you, your colleagues and your contributors to use. There’s no learning curve, as there is for more complicated software. You can get started immediately.

What we like about Feature Upvote is its simplicity. We looked at similar solutions, but they were much more complicated than they needed to be.

Patrick Hathaway, co-founder of award-winning SEO tool Sitebulb

Although UserVoice is a big company with instant name recognition, we’re happy with our more modest reputation. We’re popular with companies and organisations in over 32 countries, from major banks to online retailers and community theatres. We support feedback boards in 10+ languages, and happily cope with boards with many thousands of contributors.

Here’s an example of a popular Feature Upvote board, used by digital notebook company Rocketbook.

screenshot of our own feature upvote board

Feature Upvote has a free 30 day trial

Currently, you can only try out UserVoice if you first jump on a sales call with one of their team (although you can watch a product tour or an online product demo).

That’s not our style. With Feature Upvote, you can quickly sign up for a free trial online, by providing your name, email and a password.

You’ll have access to all our features, so can properly test out whether we’re a good fit for your company or organisation. See pricing.

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