So you wanted to use UserVoice to track customer feature requests, and then discovered the pricing was much higher than you were expecting?

Feature Upvote is a UserVoice alternative aimed at smaller teams that want to make it as easy as possible for their customers to give feedback.

Read on to discover how Feature Upvote offers a full-featured alternative to UserVoice.

1. Feature Upvote has clear and simple pricing

At the time of writing, you can’t use UserVoice’s “Product Management” tools for less than US$500/month. For many teams, that’s absurdly high. If you want to make some simple customizations, such as using your own domain name, the price jumps up significantly.

This pricing model makes UserVoice unviable for many teams.

We want all product teams to be able to use Feature Upvote. So we’ve created a better pricing model that suits the budgets of small teams.

Feature Upvote a flat $29/product/month
UserVoice starting at $500/month

Our price includes everything you need to track your customers’ feature requests, including:

  • voting
  • comments
  • multiple moderators
  • your choice of language
  • tags and categories
  • and even voting on behalf of customers.

2. Get started with Feature Upvote in minutes; with UserVoice in days or weeks

UserVoice won’t let you sign up and get started until you’ve scheduled a demo session with their sales team. Then you’ll need to negotiate a feature set and price. This is a time-consuming process.

Conversely, in just a few minutes from now you could be tracking your customers’ feature requests using Feature Upvote. There’s no need to sit through a demo nor go through sales calls.

Our self-service approach lets you explore what Feature Upvote offers on your own schedule. We’ve made it easy to get started and to understand how Feature Upvote works, without the need for a demo.

Naturally if you do need a hand to get started, we’d love to help. Our support team is responsive, prompt, and friendly.

3. Feature Upvote works great on mobile, tablet, and desktops

UserVoice was created before we had Internet-capable devices in our pockets, so making their site work on a range of devices was not an important consideration. They’ve since managed to adapt their design to work pretty well on mobile, although it is not optimal.

Feature Upvote was created “mobile first”. From day one, we’ve designed and tested Feature Upvote with the actual devices your customers use. We’ve been a bit lucky by starting in 2017, as it is a great deal easier now to build “mobile first” applications.

Your customers can use Feature Upvote anywhere, any time, no matter what device they are using. You can even access all moderator functions from any device.

4. Feature Upvote offers custom domain names for everybody

Having a custom domain name and a secure site is evermore important. So we’ve made sure that all our customers can use their own website domain name, included in our standard price. Even better, every single visitor gets an SSL-only experience, even if you are using a custom domain name. That means the URL starts with https instead of http.

5. Feature Upvote gets more customer feedback

Internet users get frustrated at having to create new accounts for every website they use. They just want to give you feedback. They don’t want to create a username and password on your site to ask for a new feature. They don’t want to go through the “reset password” email pain, every time they come back to your site.

Feature Upvote does not require your customers to sign up to give your feedback. By using a streamlined approach to moderation and some clever throttling, we’ve found a way for your customers to openly suggest and upvote improvements with no barriers.

6. Feature Upvote is built for small and medium companies

UserVoice focuses on high-paying enterprise customers. There are good reasons for focusing on enterprise customers. They can be lucrative. The customers you get are the ones who can pay high prices. However there are downsides too, such as long sales cycles, an over-reliance on a small number of high-paying customers, and the need to add features relevant to enterprises, features that don’t help smaller customers.

We’ve strategically chosen to serve the needs of smaller teams and companies. When improving Feature Upvote, we make sure the improvements will help small teams better support their customers and reduce their support load.

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