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What Feature Upvote is

Feature Upvote is a lightweight tool that helps you organise and prioritise ideas from your team, or public feedback from your customers. You can get started immediately, and there is no learning curve for contributors.

Feature Upvote is easy to set up, easy for users to vote and suggest, and is not bloated with features you probably don’t want or need.

Our aim is that when you click on the “Start free trial” button, it will take two minutes max for you to have a feedback board ready for your customers to contribute.

As we’ve added powerful features over the years, we’ve striven to keep things seemingly simple for you and your customers. We set sensible defaults, and mostly hide the complexity from your team.

Our online feedback boards have in-built voting functionality. They also make it easy for you to add comments to suggestions (“thanks, great idea”; “I agree with this suggestion, but with one modification…”). You can also add tags to show what you’ve achieved (“done”, “planned”) or to filter suggestions into categories (“sales team suggestion”).

Our customers range from construction giants and major banks to community theatres and educational companies. They are located in 30+ countries, speak many different languages, and work in different ways.

What Feature Upvote isn’t

Feature Upvote isn’t designed to be used where the outcome of voting is binding and where cheating really matters.

When used for public feedback, customers can add suggestions, comments and votes without needing to create an account or log in. This is a deliberate choice by us, because customers will only give you feedback if you make it as easy as possible. If you start making them login or create an account, many will stop giving you feedback, reducing the number and diversity of people using your feedback board.

We rely on cookies to track customers and stop them voting multiple times. So by using multiple devices or clearing cookies, a person may be able to vote two or three times. If they really want, they can game the system. The vast majority of your customers and audience do not want to game the system though! They are trustworthy, well-intentioned people who want to help your company or organisation. We don’t believe in penalising them because of the potential actions of a tiny minority.

We also implement a number of clever ‘under the hood’ fraud prevention measures to keep your boards secure and manipulation-free.

If security is super important to you though, we suggest you use Single Sign-On or a password to make sure only certain people can see and use your board.

How can feature Upvote work for me?

You can use Feature Upvote in 3 different ways:

  1. You can choose a public feedback board for your customers with ‘under the hood’ fraud prevention methods, encouraging plentiful, diverse feedback
  2. You can use Single Sign-On if security is very important and you only want people from your organisation to be able to see and use your feedback board
  3. You can password protect your board if privacy is very important, and you only want certain staff, partners or customers to see and use your board

For more information on how you can use Feature Upvote please see our Use Cases page. Here is our pricing page.

Who is Feature Upvote?

We are a tightly-knit, independent technology company based in Barcelona, with team members across Europe.

Our company philosophy is to run a ‘stress free’ company where growth is sustainable and funded by our profits. This means that we don’t need to please outside investors and can, instead, focus on you – our customers.

We enjoy running Feature Upvote, we love our product, and we hope you do too. Read more about us.

30 day trial, no credit card required