Use a public ideas board
to collect and qualify direct customer feedback

This is the default setting for Feature Upvote. Anyone who is given the URL for your ideas board can comment and upvote suggestions. This is a great option for getting as much feedback as possible from your customers and from people on a free trial.

This option is ideal if you want to:

  1. Increase visibility of what customers actually want rather than giving more weight to who shouts the loudest or to judgment calls by management.
  2. Show customers they are being listened to and that you are actively working to develop your product.
  3. Collect all feedback in one place so it doesn't get lost across muliple channels or require you to try and consolidate different lists and spreadsheets.
  4. Prioritise feedback and feature requests based on a voting system that allows the best ideas to rise to the top of the board.

Allow public voting only

If you just want customers to vote on existing suggestions rather than add their own, you can with permissions.

Customise your board

Choose your own domain name, language for your board, and customise the appearance and branding of your board, for no extra cost.

Prevent fraud

We use under the hood measures to prevent fraud without penalising your law abiding customers.

Getting direct feedback from customers at the time they are thinking about a pain point, or a new feature is invaluable and Feature Upvote facilitates this for us easily.

The product works well, support has been fantastic, value for money is spot on, and I’m hooked. I’d be lost without my customer input from Feature Upvote. I look at it every day.

Heather Paunet, Untangle's VP of Product Management


Use a private ideas board
to collect and qualify customer feedback
by voting on behalf of customers

If you prefer to track customer feedback privately then you can. Simply add feedback on behalf of customers and vote on their behalf. You can add customer names and emails to make it easy to track who has requested what. Password protect your board to keep it private.

This option is ideal if you want to:

  1. Easily keep track of customer requests without making these visible to customers.
  2. Save time by making it easy for all your team, including social media, sales, product management and support, to directly add feedback from customers.
  3. Increase visibility of how often customers request which features so management can quickly make roadmapping decisions.

Simple proxy voting

Just choose the 'upvote on behalf of customer' option and add a customer's name and email if required. There are no restrictions on how many times you can proxy vote.

Password-protected board

Make your board private with password protection. Then share the password with anyone in your team who can helpfully contribute.

Useful integrations

We integrate with Slack, Jira, Zapier and Single Sign-On to make sure we fit as smoothly as possible into your existing workflow.

Through the months we were in beta, we had decided on a set of launch features. We had actively decided that some features and settings didn’t fit with how we expected people to use Sitebulb. Feature Upvote has helped us realise that we made a mistake by omitting some of these.

Patrick Hathaway - Co-founder of Sitebulb


Use a private ideas board
to collect and prioritise feedback from your team

Use Feature Upvote to track product feedback from within your company. Either set aside an 'ideas day' to brainstorm and then roadmap ideas. Or integrate Feature Upvote into your existing product workflow.

This option is ideal if you want to:

  1. Draw on the breadth and depth of knowledge across your team to inform product development.
  2. Instill a culture of transparency and motivation around your product, where everyone can see what you're working on and why.
  3. Prevent judgment calls and loud voices being the main rationale for product decisions.

Single Sign-On integration

Everybody has full access to add and upvote suggestions, as long as they are signed in to your organisation’s authentication system.

Easily configurable

Configure your board and permissions so your ideas board is as useful as possible. Change the language of your board as well. We support 10 languages.

Dive into detail

Your team can add screenshots and images to their feedback to make it as specific as possible. You can also add a comment asking for more information.

Feature Upvote motivates our developers more knowing they are working on the most requested features, rather than what my gut feels or a vocal customer demands on any given day.

PJ Celis - Founder of Judge.me


Use a private suggestion board
to collect and qualify feedback from a few key clients

If you're a B2B company with a few key clients then this option is for you. Rather than fielding feedback through meetings, emails and phone calls, ask your customers to add feedback to your ideas board and to vote on feature requests by other clients that they agree with.

This option is ideal if you want to:

  1. Prevent feedback from key clients being spread across multiple channels and easily lost.
  2. Keep key clients up to date with what you're working on (under consideration; done; not planned, etc) so you don't need to do this manually.
  3. Subtly show demanding clients what other customers value, and show in a neutral way that some of their requests simply don't fit with your development plans.

Restrict access to key clients

Password-protect your board so only key stakeholders have access. Permissions also lets you choose what you want clients to be able to do.

See who has given feedback

Easily see who has suggested or voted for a feature. This is useful when roadmapping features because you can see who needs what.

Choose multiple boards

You have the choice of using one ideas board for all your clients, or one board per customer.

Competing products are much more complex and much more expensive. For the functionality we’re looking for - a simple feedback community - the features we get are actually better than I expected and at a price that we can afford.

Heather Paunet - Untangle's VP of Product Management

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