Jira is a powerful software development tool. It can help you manage enormous software projects. Or smaller ones, like ours. It doesn’t, however, make it easy for you to manage and vote on customer feedback.

We know this because we tried using Jira for managing customer feedback. It didn’t work, so we built our own customer feedback tool that worked with Jira.

Jira & Feature Upvote

Use Jira for what it’s good at and Feature Upvote for the rest

Simply use Feature Upvote to track and prioritise customer requests, then create new Jira issues from top-ranking suggestions.

Screenshot of Feature Upvote working with Jira

You can use Jira for what it’s really good at: listing actionable tasks that need completing. Feature Upvote then works quietly in the background, collecting and prioritising customer feedback in one organised place.

Track and vote on customer feedback (with Jira and Feature Upvote)

Feature Upvote provides you with a feedback board where your customers can add suggestions, upvote existing ones and add comments to suggestions.

Your customers directly tell you what they need and how much it matters.

Screenshot of the Feature Upvote feedback board

You don’t need to ‘translate’ what they want, move comments from different channels, or vote on their behalf. You don’t need to worry about duplicate requests and a load of extra work trying to make Jira do something it really doesn’t want to.

With our Jira integration, you can effortlessly move great feature ideas from your Feature Upvote board into Jira, for assessment and possible development.

No need for manually imputing feature requests into Jira. Or trying to remember which you’ve added and which you haven’t.

Get better visibility of what customers need

Having a publicly visible board makes it easy for customers to see what you’re doing, and have already done, about customer feature requests. And it’s obvious to you what customers genuinely need. Important ideas rise to the top of the board. Less important ones sink gracefully out of sight.

You can even use the board to test your own feature ideas. If a suggestions doesn’t get upvotes then you have quantitative evidence that it might just be a dud. Which removes all that stressful ‘I think we should do this’ debate based on seniority or value judgements.

Screenshot of the Feature Upvote feedback board Pin a suggestion at the top of your board to see what your customers think

Feature Upvote has given us insight into unanticipated ways in which people are using our software. Through the months we were in beta, we had decided on a set of launch features. We had actively decided that some features and settings didn’t fit with how we expected people to use Sitebulb. Feature Upvote has helped us realise that we made a mistake by omitting some of these.

Patrick Hathaway, co-founder of Sitebulb

For more information about how to track and manage feature requests (without going near a spreadsheet) read our article on the subject.

Cut down on the time you spend managing feedback

Listening to your customers is a great way to surface ideas that will help you build better products. However, customer feedback management can be time consuming. We’ve made it easier.

Customers can add their own suggestions: Feature Upvote is easy to use on any device. Almost any customer can add feedback direct to your board saving you time processing their feedback

Spam prevention: Feature Upvote comes with auto-moderation and spam prevention enabled by default. It also has a series of abuse prevention techniques. Read more about our techniques to prevent your board from abuse and manipulation.

Moderation is easy: You can approve suggestions and comments with a single click. You can also bulk moderate suggestions and comments or turn off moderation entirely if you make your board private, or really trust your contributors

How does Feature Upvote work?

How does Feature Upvote integrate with Jira?

You’ll need to add your Jira connection information to Feature Upvote. This should only take a few minutes. See our help article for more detailed instructions.

Now you’ll see the option ‘Link a Jira issue’ when viewing a suggestion.

Screenshot of a suggestion with a 'Link a Jira issue' option

You can create a new Jira issue or link to an existing one. Once you’ve linked a suggestion to a Jira issue, you’ll now see an option to ‘View linked Jira issue’.

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