Tracking feature requests is a pain point for companies that create products and services. At best, requests from customers tend to be scattered between emails, issue tracking systems, and customer support systems. At worst, feature requests are ignored.

Feature Upvote offers a feature request tracking system for small teams. Feature Upvote stops the feature requests from being lost; it lets customers vote on them; and it lets you show which requests are planned or have been implemented.

Tips for tracking feature requests

  • Your customer support team is probably your main channel for capturing feature requests. Ensure your support team has a process for informing your product manager of these requests.

  • Your sales team will hear many feature requests when talking to potential and actual customers. Salespeople will use a system for capturing these requests only if it is frictionless.

  • Ideally your feature tracking system integrates with your support, sales, and product management systems. It should be painless for a support agent to convert a customer support email into a feature request.

  • Some customers are more important than others, be it for financial or strategic reasons. You should be tagging feature requests suggested by strategic customers to help you prioritise. If you have two equally popular feature requests, you can use this tagging as a tie-breaker when deciding which feature to work on next.

  • Be aware that publicly exposing feature requests does make you publicly accountable. If you accept feature requests but never implement any of them, nor moderate the requests, you'll give the appearance of an abandoned product.

  • For any product with more than a few users, you'll receive a lot of feature requests. Some of the requests will be good, but some will be bad. Some will not be compatible with your vision for your product. When you don't build popular customer feature requests, you might annoy some customers. Be diplomatic in how you say no.

Why Feature Upvote for tracking feature requests

  • Feature Upvote encourages feature requests and voting. Users don’t need to sign in. Everything is moderated by your team, and moderation is quick and simple.

  • There is one reasonable flat price per product no matter how many moderators, customers, suggestions, and activity you have. We don’t punish you for success by charging more.

  • You can use your own custom domain name with SSL. This is particularly important because Chrome and other browsers are starting to warn users that non-SSL sites are insecure.

  • Each feature request gets its own SEO-friendly URL. We find that our customers’ suggestions start ranking well in Google quite quickly. This is great for improving your visibility in Google. It also has a nice side-effect of reducing support emails, because users who search for, say “does <your product> have <feature x>?” find any existing request for that feature in Google, and simply upvote it.

  • Feature Upvote looks great and works well on mobile, tablets, and desktop computers.

  • You can customise the appearance of Feature Upvote to match your own branding. Logo, favicon, and colour scheme can all be changed.

  • You can change the language of your product feature request board to match the preferred language of your users. We’re a multi-lingual team in Barcelona, where speaking multiple languages each day is a way of life. We’ve used this experience to do a multi-language product well.

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