A modern feature request voting tool is a low-effort way for you to collect and prioritise feature requests. It also helps you close the distance between your team and your customers, and build better products.

Let’s look at 5 key benefits.

1. Collect feature requests in one place from the start

Illustration of a feature voting tool

How do you collect feature requests at the moment? Through your customer relationship management software? A spreadsheet? Slack or Twitter? Jira? Notion? Email?

All these systems can work, but they are time consuming and feedback can easily get lost, particularly if you are receiving feedback through multiple channels.

A feature request voting tool should make your life simpler. All feedback is directly added to one online board. Customers can even add feedback direct, so you don’t have to do this yourself.

Feature Upvote board Get customers to add their own feature requests to your feedback board

2. Get useful feedback rather than spam

Basic upvoting tools have a bad reputation. People upvote without reading. Mean or silly suggestions become more popular than thoughtful ones. You get spam.

This isn’t the case with modern feature request voting tools (like Feature Upvote).

For a start, your community is usually not comprised of people wanting to be silly, or nasty or unhelpful. Your customers want to give you useful feedback so they can get more value out of a product they are paying money for or spending time on. They want to do this as quickly and easily as possible.

Modern feature request voting tools also work hard to prevent spam and manipulation. This is our article on what we do to prevent voting manipulation.

This is an example of one of our public boards. You’ll see plenty of useful suggestions and upvotes, rather than spam.

Sitebulb feature voting board A feedback board for Rocketbook

If security is a major issue, modern feature request boards also make it easy for you to make your board private, through Single Sign-On or by using a password.

Password-protected board You can password-protect their board or use Single Sign-On (SSO) if security is very important

3. Make sure everyone gives you feedback

Feedback is unhelpful if it only comes from a small number of people: the ‘loud voices’. They may have something useful to say, but so have your other customers as well.

Feature request voting tools are easy and inviting for customers to use. Customers shouldn’t need to create an account or read guidelines before they can figure out how to contribute.

Screenshot of a Trello board used for showing a product roadmap To contribute to this Trello board you need to first read the guidelines

Customers can also see that you take their feedback seriously. Sending an email into the ‘thanks for your feedback’ auto-message void can be dispiriting and opaque.

As a result, feature request tools usually result in a more diverse number of your customers contributing suggestions and upvoting ones they support.

4. Close the feedback loop so your customers stay happy

Feature request voting tools (like Feature Upvote) help your company have a more transparent and collaborative relationship with customers.

Add a status update to each suggestion so that customers know what you’re doing with their suggestion.

Add a status update Add a status update to customer suggestions

You also have the option of automatically emailing anyone who has made a suggestion (or upvoted it) that you’ve now marked as ‘done’.

You can also add a comment, as can other customers. Even when you don’t plan to follow through on a suggestion, customers feel happier that you’ve listened to them, and responded.

A a result, feature request voting tools can help you build a stronger community around your product.

Subtly, customers also recalibrate their views of your product based on what other customers suggest and value. If someone’s suggestion gets one vote then you don’t need to tell them that it’s not going to happen.

5. Easy and quick to moderate

Feature request voting tools should be easy to moderate. At Feature Upvote we allow unlimited team members for each feedback board, so you can share moderation with other team members.

We even allow you to turn off moderation of suggestions and comments, if you have a private board or are very confident that you don’t need it. This makes the feedback loop simple and quick.

We also make sure we weed out repeat suggestions. As customers begin typing we show them similar suggestions that have already been made.

Password-protected board Feature request voting tools work hard to discourage duplicate suggestions

If repeat suggestions do slip through, you can easily merge duplicates (or split multiple feature requests) with one click.

Try Feature Upvote – a modern feature request voting tool

Feature Upvote helps you establish a collaborative and transparent culture around your product that surfaces the best ideas.

Your customers get the chance to show what your product needs. They feel valued, even though you might not build what they suggest.

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