Collect, manage
and prioritise ideas
from your team

We provide simple feedback boards with built in voting functionality. Get started immediately. No learning curve for users.

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30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Collect, manage and prioritise ideas from your team

Feature Upvote: simple idea management software

Collect ideas in one place

Your team can add their suggestions directly to your online idea management board. Or vote up existing ones.

  • The most popular ideas rise to the top of the board
  • You can quickly leverage the experience of your entire team in creating a product roadmap
  • You don't need to mess around with spreadsheets, email strings or meetings
Collect ideas in one place

Show at a glance what ideas have traction

Make it easy for everyone to see which ideas are popular and whether they'll be implemented.

  • Add a status to suggestions to show your team what you intend to build
  • Add a comment to suggestions so you can get the detail you need
  • No need for extra presentations or data gathering when approaching management. Just show them the ideas management board.
Show at a glance what ideas have traction

Make sure everyone has a voice

Everyone in your company has something to say. Make sure they can say it.

  • More than 10 languages to choose from for your idea management board
  • Mobile optimised so people can contribute from mobiles and tablets
  • Idea management boards can be made public or private with Single Sign-On or a password

Fits into your team workflow
no tech skills or training needed

Easy to use & unbreakable

Easy to use & unbreakable

We deliberately keep Feature Upvote simple. So it is easy to use, only has the features you need, and won't break when used by less tech savvy members of your company.

Slack, Jira and Zapier integrations

Slack, Jira and Zapier integrations

Slack, Jira and Zapier integration comes as standard, so Feature Upvote fits easily into your team workflow and encourages everyone to contribute.

Dive into detail

Dive into detail

Your team can make their feedback detailed with screenshots and images as well as text. You can also add a comment asking for more information, or a tag to clarify the suggestion.

Transparent pricing, with no hidden extras
No credit card required

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$ 79 /board/month

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  • Unlimited contributors
  • Unlimited team members
  • Multiple languages
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom domain name
  • Integration with Slack, Jira and Zapier
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0


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